About Our Quality Policy

Natesan is committed to uphold the highest tradition of providing quality education with the mission of guiding the youth of this country to develop intellectual skills, physical fitness, emotional stability and cultural appreciation with a consciousness towards social responsibilities.

In this School, students imbibe not only the knowledge reflected in their studies, but also self confidence that stands them in good stead in the outside world.

Groups offered for XI & XII Standards

At our school, academics is an on-going process of innovation and improvement. Teaching strategies are periodically reviewed to ensure that they fulfill the needs of each & every student. Special coaching is provided to children after analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

The school follows contemporary teaching blended with technology. The students are trained and encouraged to seminars, workshops through audio-visual equipments and also to present technical papers on topics of paramount importance.

System of Evaluation

  • The students performance in all subjects are evaluated throughout the year.
  • The School follows trimester till class IX
  • The answer papers/test notes of the mid Term & Terminal exams will be returned within a week and the reports given within a fortnight of the commencement of the tests & exams.
  • Report cards should be promptly signed by the parents & returned
  • Parents are requested to sign the class test notebooks as and when they are returned.

The school started the first year public exam appearance in style in 1999 and achieved a straight 100% pass rate which has motivated to continue to perform on those lines and standards. Since then the school has always achieved results very close to 100% which is a very difficult task, especially considering the fact that the school has limited access to the socio-economic facilities and know-how of some of the city schools.

It is not only the results which are near to 100% pass, but the school also has produced state rankers in various subjects thru the years, the list of which keeps growing.

Cultural and Educational Exchange Visit to Srilanka

As a part of UN's International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, a team of students and teachers of Shri Natesan Vidyasala MHSS, Mannivakkam, near Tambaram, headed by Dr N Ramasubramanyan, founder of the school and Principal Dr. (Mrs.)Gayathri Ramachandran, visited the partner school in Srilanka for an educational and cultural exchange program.

The visit to the 104 year old Sri Lankan school, B/Sujatha Mahavidyalaya, was aimed at sharing some of the best teaching practices, understanding each country's tradition and culture.

The Team Natesan was given a rousing welcome by Srilankan students as the school's dance troupe welcomed them by presenting their traditional dance. Both schools gave presentations on important Heritage and monuments sites, celebrations, festivals and traditions of their respective countries. The students of both schools also gave traditional music and dance program. Apart from this Natesan student also gave Veena instrumental performance.

Team Natesan interacted with the students and teachers of the Home Science, Vocational studies, Agriculture Department of the Srilankan school to understand the educational opportunities.

Team Natesan as a part of the educational tour also visited Peradeniya University and Colombo University in Sri Lanka.

As a part of the University tour, information about different courses and other higher educational opportunities were highlighted.

Apart from this, Team Natesan took Heritage walk as they visited several UNESCO heritage sites, monuments and places of significance in Sri Lanka. They also had the opportunity to spend a day in a Herbal village, wherein they learnt about the Ayurvedic system prevalent in Sri Lanka. As a part of this tour, they also were taken on a three day tour to Maldives. The team, back home, presented their travelogue to a larger audience of teachers and students and highlighted some of the takeaways from the trip that could be implemented at the school.