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  • • GURU POOJA 2010: The students show their reverence and respect for teachers by offering flowers and seeking their blessings during Vyasa Poornima celebrations.
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  • • International Conference on Space Science: Five students and two teachers participated in the week-long conference on Space Science & Technology at New Delhi, organized by SPACE in collaboration with NASA, USA.
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  • • Fine Art Club Inauguration: Master Guhan, Boston, USA, giving veena recital program.
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  • • Independence Day celebrations: The students went on a cycle rally from Tambaram to Padappai to create patriotic fervor among public. The students also sang patriotic songs in various villages to mark the 63rd year of Independence.
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Shri Natesan Vidyasala Matriculation higher Secondary School, established on 12th June 1995 enjoys a justifiable reputation among schools in and around Tambaram, for its balanced approach to education. The three main objectives of the School are :
  • Bakthi - Devotion to God, Guru, Elders and Nation
  • Seva - Serve the needy and poor
  • Gnanam - Impart high quality education

What started off as a small Gurukulam with 80 children and 10 staff to provide quality education to children of Mannivakkam village and its surrounding hamlets has now grown into a colossal institution with over 4000 students and 180 staff. The school attracts students from various educational and cultural backgrounds. Our aim is to provide students with an exciting learning and living experience.

We not only work towards enhancing the creative skills of the students but also cultivate the habit of independent thinking and inculcation of love for the country and fellow human beings. We provide the means and methods by which students can reach out beyond the small circles of mere book knowledge.

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